Behaviour Consulting for Employment

If you have had to look for a behaviour consultant, you’ve probably had to ask, what is a behaviour consultant and how does he or she differ from a psychologist? This is an important question as behaviour consultants are intended to help those with mental retardation/mental disabilities (MR/MD). Many psychologists do not have training in behavioral analysis or behavioral psychology like an actual trained behavioral consultant would.


The real problem here is that a psychologist without that training can still call him or herself a behavioural consultant. Others may have training in behavioral consulting but their actual degree may be in another field. If you are looking for a trained psychologist to provide behavior consulting services, you may be looking in the wrong place for proper consultation. The board of psychology does recognize the specialty board of behavioral psychology. Finding a psychologist with the distinction of being recognized on this specialty board is a huge advantage.

Behavioral based employment training is necessary for a variety of conditions and provides a way of helping people with disabilities to gain greater independence, Cognitive behavioral therapy in particular does wonders for those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder and helps to relieve feeling of anxiety and depression while helping patients become more focused and able to do tasks needed for employment. This form of therapy looks at the way a patient currently feels and seeks to change the negative pattern of thoughts and depression one may experience when dealing with ADD. This is in opposition to traditional psychology which focuses on examining an individual’s past to see what may be causing current behavior.


Behavioral therapy can also help with anxiety and also those who have various forms and symptoms of autism. For autism spectrum disorders, behavioral therapy can be used in children as well as in adults with applied behavior analysis. This analysis seeks to modify behavior through persistent conditioning. It specifically targets changing major social behaviors that can be difficult for those with autism.


When deciding on a behaviour consultant for either a child or adult make sure that consultant fits your needs and can have a good rapport with their patient. Behavioural consulting has helped many people and can be really useful for getting you or a loved one closer to personal and professional goals.


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