Adequate equipment for schools

Supplies must always be made adequate in schools to provide a good learning environment for the teachers and students alike. Stationery for school singapore teachers cannot be blamed, if the proper aids that equip them in their teaching are not provided.

Knowledge is transferred by talking but the development skills require visual aids, depending on a child’s learning capacity. Physical objects will make a child grasp the idea better. A student can count, add, subtract or multiply better by using an abacus. Hence the teacher should be provided with proper teaching aids in the class room.

Some schools provide the student with stationery like school text books, exercise books, pencils, pens, paper etc. Even the smart classes should be equipped with computers, projectors etc. It should be adequately supplied, put to good use and replenished. All schools require furniture like desks, chairs, tables, black boards or white boards. These items should be in adequate number, maintained, repaired or replaced when necessary.

Every school should have a library where the students can increase their knowledge or obtain help in their assignments. These libraries should be well equipped with books of knowledge like the dictionary, atlas and other general knowledge books, arranged neatly in cupboards. Students and teachers should also be able to access knowledge from the internet, so such equipment should be provided.

Other equipments, related to education are required by the school such as sports equipments, science laboratory equipments and equipment for technological subjects. Special equipment for children with learning disabilities is also required. Certain supplies that are not related to education are required in order to keep the school environment clean and hygienic, like cleaning equipment for the toilets, maintenance of the garden and grounds and a first aid kit.  Schools that provide food, either at a cost or concession should provide proper catering services.


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